User Guide

Why Virtual Draft Board?

  • Because it's hard to get everyone in your league in the same room every year
  • Online draft boards are restrictive
  • Can easily apply unique keeper or drafting policies
  • It doesn't require that every owner be logged on
  • Immediately email the results for future reference

Add Teams

  • Add owner names (e.g., John Smith) or team names (e.g., Housh Bag)
  • Don't worry, you can edit names or delete teams afterwards
  • Use the green arrows next to each name to change draft order

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Assign Owners

  • Do you want to give owners the ability to make their own picks? If so, provide an email address for the owner and they'll get a link to manage their team.
  • They won't be able to make picks until you Start The Draft
  • They can change their team name
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Set Number of Rounds

  • Specify total number of rounds
  • It will retain existing picks

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Randomize Draft Order

  • Will update draft order of teams to a completely random order

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Start The Draft

What should I do before Starting The Draft?

  • Add all teams
  • Assign owners, if desired
  • Set number of rounds
  • Set draft order (manually or by using Randomize Draft Order)
  • Make keeper picks

What exactly happens when I Start The Draft?

  • The system locks in the teams, owners, draft order, and rounds - can't make any more changes
  • The system allows owners to make picks to their team

Do I have to Start The Draft?

  • Not at all. If you'd prefer to *not* assign any owners and make all the picks as the admin, it is not necessary to Start The Draft
  • Anyone accessing the draft through the Guest URL will still be able to view the picks as they are made
  • Perhaps you have one or two team owners who couldn't make the draft, but are dialing in or are connected through IM. They can view all the picks using the Guest URL and communicate back their desired pick, which you would be able to enter for them.

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Reset Draft

  • This will clear out all picks
  • If the draft is In Progres or Ended, it will reset it

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Making Picks

  • Provide a player name, choose the position, and click Submit Pick
  • You can make picks in any order
  • You can edit picks - just click the player name (owners cannot edit picks)
  • If a team cannot make a pick in any given round, select "Empty Pick" - it will gray out that round's pick

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Guest URL

  • Provides access to view the draft
  • Cannot make any edits

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